Tanqueray London Dry Gin is a balanced, multi-layered combination of botanicals. A four step distillation process is involved in the making of Tanqueray London Dry Gin. The only...

Leading experts from the gin and drinks trade joined forces to share their knowledge and expertise on all things gin, at the third annual Ginposium seminar, organised by Gin industry body The Gin Guild. The 120 delegates who attended the sold out seminar, held on 12 May at The London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, enjoyed 11 exciting speakers and topics, and 6 guided tasting sessions.

Are you a gin lover wanting to know more about Australian Gin? This in-depth article from Matt Lawry at YellowOctopus gives a fantastic insight into the state of the Aussie gin boom.

The Gin Guild aims to ensure gin's prominent place in the future by bringing together gin distillers and industry leaders involved in the production, promotion, distribution and consumption of...

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Junipers are coniferous plants in the genus Juniperus /dʒuːˈnɪpərəs/[1] of the cypress family Cupressaceae. Depending on taxonomic viewpoint, between 50 and 67 species of juniper are widely...


On the day the world celebrates all things gin, industry-body The Gin Guild looks at the spirit’s history and gazes into its future. 


At a ceremony on 26 May, 24 new members were installed by The Gin Guild’s Grand Rectifier Martin Riley into the Gin Guild. They each swore an oath, while symbolically holding juniper berries, to protect the spirit’s quality and production around the world.


Leading experts from the gin and drinks trade joined forces to share their knowledge and expertise on all things gin, at the third annual Ginposium seminar, organised by industry body The Gin Guild.

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Taking the Gin category to new heights in partnership with producers

The Gin Guild has been set up to work with gin distillers and those in the gin industry from the UK and around the world to provide leadership and focus for the promotion of this exciting spirit category. Gin Guild member testimonials



[Provisional date] As part of London Cocktail week the Gin Guild is organising a Gin Martini event in central London - More information as we get it.
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We are a spirits industry body that represents the gin industry as a whole. The Gin Guild is supported by the four major gin distilling companies: Bacardi, Diageo, William Grant and Sons and Chivas Brothers.

We aim to promote the gin category across the globe, enhancing its image and widening its appeal to worldwide consumers.

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